Johnny Mbizo Dyani Songbook

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20 Compositions performed as recorded on the albums Afrika, Angolian Cry, Mbizo, Song for Biko and Born Under the Heat (1979 – 1984) as licenced from Steeplechase Records, transcribed in concert pitch C, Bass Clef, and Bb for trumpet and Eb for alto Daniel Guggenheim for Jazz Against Apartheid. Johnny Mbizo Dyani Songbook is 111 page A4, ring bound soft cover, including photos and written text and retails for R400. For the last 40 years, since the death of Johnny Dyani, these compositions have continued to be performed in concerts in Europe and South Africa, uniting and profiling the liberation movement in exile whilst connecting to the progressive cultural activism through international jazz. The release of this Songbook is a first anthology for a South African jazz composer. It is the beginning for authentic South African educational resources to be supplied to South African music education and performance institutions worldwide. When South African Jazz went to Europe it became undeniably African and provoked a new trend in self-realisation. Such is the potential impact of this work for future generations. All proceeds go to the Jazz Against Apartheid Concerts.      
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