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nachwuchsförderung is skills transfer

Jazz As Activism


Jazz Against Apartheid (JAA) stood by the oppressed, fought the struggle, and won. And even after apartheid was dismantled, 30 years ago, JAA never stopped motivating for change. Apartheid may be over but the struggle for equal access, equal opportunities and long-term sustainable economic emancipation for all, continues. Today our cause is jazz for Rural Development.

Jazz is freedom. The international experience and co-operation around South African Jazz in Exile, built a network of friendships and support worldwide that not only nurtured hope, change and equality, but preserved a legacy of liberation and the mind-set for change-making.  

The main aim is what the Germans call nachwuchsförderung. What is this? Nachwuchsförderung is a conscious policy and practice of transferring societal values, knowledge and skills to the next generation.

The development begins within. And the best way to water our seeds of potential is through music. JAA provides music mentorship from a generation of international musical freedom fighters Mentorship includes on-the-job training, collaboration and knowledge sharing. Such music mentorship is a powerful foundation for emotional, spiritual, mental and business development.  

Education resources of the liberation era and methodology (that was almost destroyed by Apartheid) are preserved to empower community arts centres, music academies, music studios, heritage programmes and universities.

Through the principle of transferring funds raised through international music co-operatives into sustainable community gardening, Jazz for Rural Development aims to project the gains made through nachwuchsförderung into sustainable rural development.


Jazz for Rural Development : Join the Movement

Music and its message: of liberation; of the possibility of individual and collective freedom; of the necessity of political struggle while retaining one ́s humanity. Long-term and sustainable change through music tuition, know-how, self-reliance, professional skills development, dialogue sessions, cultural exchange, on-the-job training and the partnership approach.

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Jazz for Rural Development : Gardening for a better world #JazzAsActivism
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36 years of activism through jazz

Why Is It Important?

Jazz Against Apartheid expands this Frankfurt story to include jazz’s hitherto largely unknown African heritage and a specific hardship of exile. The Jazz Against Apartheid project is the first direct meeting between German and South African musicians to exchange experiences of exile and how they are audible in music.

Dr Ina Hartwig

Head of Department for Culture and Science of the City of Frankfurt

A group of vibrant, polyphonic and very independent South African and German jazz musicians brought the South African jazz sounds to Europe and strongly influenced European music over the years. This was done in the fight against apartheid in the past, but also still in the present.

Ambassador Phumelele Stone Sizana

South African Ambassador to the Federal Republic of Germany

Jazz against Apartheid connected the experience of racism and oppression in South Africa as well as the role that culture and especially music plays for the hope of a more just future 

Dr Wolfram Knauer

Director Jazz Institute Darmstadt

“Jazz against Apartheid” is a sign of the current close and inspiring cultural contacts between our countries. The cooperation and implementation of the project went smoothly and pleasantly.

Jesko von Samson

Counsellor of Cultural affairs German Embassy in Pretoria


Cover for The Story of SA Jazz
The Story of SA Jazz

The Story of SA Jazz

Story of South African Jazz shares the beautiful heart centred music of freedom.

Upcoming Events

17 — 18 December 23

JAA23 Beyond Exile @Biko Centre 17/12/2023

JAA23 beyond exile is an organic and living heritage of the cultural activism of jazz in South Africa’s struggle for freedom. It is a celebration of the role of cultural activism and the artistic friendships formed in exile that helped restore the elementary freedoms to South Africa around the compositions of Johnny Dyani .
16 — 17 December 23

JAA23 beyond exile @Gompo

Workshops serve to make an essential aspect of the buried cultural heritage accessible to a young generation of professional jazz musicians who have grown up in the post-Apartheid society.
13 — 14 December 23

JAA23 beyond exile @JHGC 13/12

In the concerts and workshops, the encounters between musicians, schools and communities, came to a küntleirsch-kutlrelle exchange, which announces the own richness of each tradition. 
14 — 15 December 23


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