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An overview of Jazz Against Apartheid


Exhibition From 1986 - 2022



Homecoming 2022

  1. The Workshop brought in 80 students of music.
  2. The concert brought in 75 paying guests and 140 in total. 
  3. An additional club brought in 40 paying guests. 
  4. Live stream received 2250 views

JAA Homecoming 2022 was a memorable premiere with its unusual combination of

  1. rehearsals among professional musicians from Great Britain, Canada and Germany and South African professionals;  
  2. workshops of this mixed JAA set of musicians for students of music and the community around the Gompo Arts Centre
  3. the “rehearsal-gig” on Saturday – the night before the main event at the SBC – in House 87 as a first time ever concert of the JAA-veterans from Europe and Canada together with their South African JAA musical counterparts; and last but not least the concert at the Steve Biko Centre with its load shedding disturbance.
  1. Collaboration between veteran international musicians and young Eastern Cape musicians.
  2. Workshop in Duncan Village for future students of the music
  3. Introduction of the music of Johnny Dyani to schools, academies and teachers
  4. Celebration of music and freedom through a concert at Steve Biko Centre
  5. Singing the praises of a great unsung hero of Eastern Cape – Johnny Dyani

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Jazz Against Apartheid expands this Frankfurt story to include jazz’s hitherto largely unknown African heritage and a specific hardship of exile. The Jazz Against Apartheid project is the first direct meeting between German and South African musicians to exchange experiences of exile and how they are audible in music.

Dr Ina Hartwig

Head of Department for Culture and Science of the City of Frankfurt

A group of vibrant, polyphonic and very independent South African and German jazz musicians brought the South African jazz sounds to Europe and strongly influenced European music over the years. This was done in the fight against apartheid in the past, but also still in the present.

Ambassador Phumelele Stone Sizana

South African Ambassador to the Federal Republic of Germany

Jazz against Apartheid connected the experience of racism and oppression in South Africa as well as the role that culture and especially music plays for the hope of a more just future 

Dr Wolfram Knauer

Director Jazz Institute Darmstadt

“Jazz against Apartheid” is a sign of the current close and inspiring cultural contacts between our countries. The cooperation and implementation of the project went smoothly and pleasantly.

Jesko von Samson

Counsellor of Cultural affairs German Embassy in Pretoria

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The culture of jazz in social cohesion and the new South African identity

The culture of jazz in social cohesion and the new South African identity

About Sausage Films

Sausage Films produces audio visual works for better accessibility of South African Jazz and freedom culture to a include wider young and old audiences across gender, age, and colour. Celebrating the pioneers and legends of South African Jazz and freedom who left a legacy of sacrifice, self-expression, wisdom and bravery.

About Jazz Against Apartheid

After the inaugural Jazz Against Apartheid in Berlin 1986. Juergen Leinhos and his organisation Kultur im Ghetto continue the event building on the SA exiles and growing the movement to progressive European musicians. The JAA Archive of this era is a complete archive of 25 years of exile history.

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