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Skills Transfer through action

JAA Workshop Registration Page

“Nachwuchsforderung” – the conscious policy and practice of transferring societal values, knowledge and skills to the next generation – is a core focus for Jazz Against Apartheid.

On-the-job training for youth jazz and culture learners to  work on the Jazz Against Apartheid festival (that happens alongside the mentorship programme). The on-the-job training would be goal oriented, supervised and assessed.

Skills Transfer


An offering of skills transfer and building towards longer-term research, cultural and professional exchanges, between institutes, archives, festivals, events  and universities.


Wednesday: December 13 / 11:00 am – 4:00 pm
Friday: December15 / 11:00 am  – 4:00 pm


Monday: October 24 11:00 am – 4:00 pm
Tuesday: November 24 11:00 am – 4:00 pm
Monday: December 18 / 11:00 am – 4:00 pm


JAA Open Workshops
Student Pass 13-17/12/23


JAA Open Workshops
Student Pass 13-17/12/23
JAA Open Workshops
Student Pass 13-17/12/23


Frequently Asked Questions

The MC of the JAA Homecoming event, told the audience at the workshop that Johnny Dyani was born in Duncan Village and therefore that “he was one of us” there was a huge sigh of astonishment… “One of us?” this sigh signalled – “Are you sure? One of us who left the country, fought against apartheid from abroad, and got other people involved who fought with him and supported his cause – and then, to top it all – came back spiritually with his music and colleagues playing his music, keeping alive the memory and rich cultural roots of his South African home?” These sighs, not just one, but several, were sighs of pride, wonder and astonishment  – and joy to be part of this amazing story right there and then.

Musical instruments of all categories including strings, percussion and brass are rehearsed for performance in a group setting (collaboration). The vision is to A partner with universities, offering jazz, culture and development courses; and B: Grow the music tuition into the long-term creation of a resident Jazz Against Apartheid youth band in the Eastern Cape.

Access to these well-established international professional contributors and the contemporary influences from their own projects. On-the-job training for youth jazz and culture learners to  work on the Jazz Against Apartheid festival and Online conferencing offering skills transfer and building towards longer-term exchanges.

hared awareness of the role Jazz artists from the EC played in the international struggle against apartheid including the subsequent richness of the artistic heritage that has been cultivated over decades in Europe and especially in Germany. Ongoing dialogues create an intellectual historical memory  exchange around music.

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The Jazz Against Apartheid Homecoming Tour in Buffalo City in 2022 has further cemented the profound and long-term co-operation between Germany and the Eastern Cape, as per the bi-lateral agreement signed between Eastern Cape and Lower Saxony in the early 1990s.

Jazz Against Apartheid and the natural focus on “Nachwuchsforderung” (conscious skills transfer) has a long-term and sustainable impact on jazz education and skills development in South Africa. 


The role of jazz in equality and freedom is a growing community. For details and a customized benefits package, please contact us at  admin or +27 729568134

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