Selected Events

17 — 18 December 23

JAA23 Beyond Exile @Biko Centre 17/12/2023

JAA23 beyond exile is an organic and living heritage of the cultural activism of jazz in South Africa’s struggle for freedom. It is a celebration of the role of cultural activism and the artistic friendships formed in exile that helped restore the elementary freedoms to South Africa around the compositions of Johnny Dyani .
16 — 17 December 23

JAA23 beyond exile @Gompo

Workshops serve to make an essential aspect of the buried cultural heritage accessible to a young generation of professional jazz musicians who have grown up in the post-Apartheid society.
13 — 14 December 23

JAA23 beyond exile @JHGC 13/12

In the concerts and workshops, the encounters between musicians, schools and communities, came to a küntleirsch-kutlrelle exchange, which announces the own richness of each tradition. 
About Jazz Against Apartheid

Jazz Against Apartheid – “Beyond exile” unites old fighters for elementary freedoms with new and future generations, thus bridging the gap between geography and history. Germany South Africa

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