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JAA23 Beyond Exile @JHGC


JAA is a bridge between geography and history, impacting on the future generations of South Africans and back on German society, asking what developments are possible from (exile) history.

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Through engaging with beyond exile, participants will be able to explore the history of exile, resistance in the past as well as in contemporary society and connect to the themes of moral choices, human rights and social activism. We welcome audiences, activists and representatives from schools, universities and professionals to gather at the Johannesburg Holocaust & Genocide Centre to engage with issues pertaining to South Africa’s identity and its challenges.

11AM – 1PM : Hybrid, online and In-person panel: Johannesburg, South Africa and Europe to engage with each other.


Dr Christopher Dell: A professor of both music and architecture, Christopher Dell explores the negotiation of space as both a musical and political concept.

Professor Peggy Luswazi: She is an activist for social justice with passion for education, transformation and development that co- founded, among others, the German Anti-Apartheid Movement.

2PM – 4PM Open Studio: “Beyond exile” brings much needed awareness to the valiant work of South Africa’s cultural exiles such as Johnny Dyani, Dudu Pukwana, Chris McGregor, Makaya Ntshoko, Pinise Saul, Claude Deppa, and photographer Jürgen Schadeberg.

5PM – 7PM Collaborative concert:


Daniel Guggenheim (saxophone), Christian Lillinger (drums) and Christopher Dell (vibraphone), trumpeter Claude Deppa from UK and Johannesburg based collaborators Lex Futshane and Tomas Dyani.

Johnny Dyani Songbook Launch:  38 years in the making is this anthology of compositions by Johnny Mbizo Dyani. Transcribed through over 100 performances all over Europe and the USA this is a fantastic work due to Jazz Against Apartheid and Artistic Director Daniel Guggenheim. This is a first an anthology of transcribed compositions from a South African Jazz Composer and a way shower for SA music education in SA education institutions.

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30 Years of Democracy

The whole world played such a critical role in the cultural activism that helped defeat Apartheid. JAA23: BEYOND EXILE hybrid panel discussion, music workshop and collaborative music concert at JHGC could is a very efficient teaser for the 30 years of democracy celebrations in 2024.


Saxophone Daniel Guggenheim
Trumpet Claude Deppa
Vibraphone Christopher Dell
Drums Christian Lillinger
Percussion Thomas Dyani
Bass Lex Futshane


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Selected Events

17 — 18 December 23

JAA23 Beyond Exile @Biko Centre 17/12/2023

JAA23 beyond exile is an organic and living heritage of the cultural activism of jazz in South Africa’s struggle for freedom. It is a celebration of the role of cultural activism and the artistic friendships formed in exile that helped restore the elementary freedoms to South Africa around the compositions of Johnny Dyani .
16 — 17 December 23

JAA23 beyond exile @Gompo

Workshops serve to make an essential aspect of the buried cultural heritage accessible to a young generation of professional jazz musicians who have grown up in the post-Apartheid society.
13 — 14 December 23

JAA23 beyond exile @JHGC 13/12

In the concerts and workshops, the encounters between musicians, schools and communities, came to a küntleirsch-kutlrelle exchange, which announces the own richness of each tradition. 
About Jazz Against Apartheid

Jazz Against Apartheid – “Beyond exile” unites old fighters for elementary freedoms with new and future generations, thus bridging the gap between geography and history. Germany South Africa

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