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JAA23 beyond exile @JHGC 13/12

Johannesburg Holocaust and Genocide Centre

In the concerts and workshops, the encounters between musicians, schools and communities, came to a küntleirsch-kutlrelle exchange, which announces the own richness of each tradition. 

Johnny Mbizo Dyani : Songbook Launch

Gompo Arts Centre

Johnny Mbizo Dyani is a frontline liberation music composer, a sentimental African Xhosa folk music performer and an avant-garde flag-bearer of the improvisational, free Jazz expression. Dyani’s compositions show the merging of folk music and jazz music. These compositions are the foundation level of the JAA educational programme.

Entrepreneurial Skills Transfer

Jazz Against Apartheid Digital , South Africa

Jazz Against Apartheid (JAA) is an annual concert/festival, educational and cultural exchange event that is built on international expertise.

JAA23 beyond exile @Gompo

Gompo Arts Centre

Workshops serve to make an essential aspect of the buried cultural heritage accessible to a young generation of professional jazz musicians who have grown up in the post-Apartheid society.


Nirox Arts

NIROX is situated in the cradle of the human kind in Gauteng. This is a historic location. NIROX, a vast farm is home to the Kromdraai Impact Hub and site of many great arts, sculpture and jazz events. On Thursday 14th December 2023. NIROX hosts the Jazz Against Apartheid Open Studio. We look forward to a wonderful day…

JAA23 Beyond Exile @Biko Centre 17/12/2023

Steve Biko Centre

JAA23 beyond exile is an organic and living heritage of the cultural activism of jazz in South Africa’s struggle for freedom. It is a celebration of the role of cultural activism and the artistic friendships formed in exile that helped restore the elementary freedoms to South Africa around the compositions of Johnny Dyani .

30 Years of Democracy in South Africa

Johannesburg Holocaust and Genocide Centre

Culture is a wheel of understanding one another or telling a story that cannot otherwise be told as a collective.

Jazz for Rural Development Volunteer Programme

Jazz Against Apartheid Digital , South Africa

Jazz Against Apartheid is a testimony to the passionate struggle against apartheid, a biography of a life in exile and a complete documentation of 25 years of exile history.

About Sausage Films

Sausage Films produces audio visual works for better accessibility of South African Jazz and freedom culture to a include wider young and old audiences across gender, age, and colour. Celebrating the pioneers and legends of South African Jazz and freedom who left a legacy of sacrifice, self-expression, wisdom and bravery.

About Jazz Against Apartheid

After the inaugural Jazz Against Apartheid in Berlin 1986. Juergen Leinhos and his organisation Kultur im Ghetto continue the event building on the SA exiles and growing the movement to progressive European musicians. The JAA Archive of this era is a complete archive of 25 years of exile history.

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