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With over a decade’s timeline of serving and delivering jazz images.
I started as a resident at Niki's Jazz Lounge and a guest photographer at The Orbit Jazz Club as well as many jazz hosting spots in and around Johannesburg, it is there that I built a community with other Eastern Cape born and based musicians and developed my sterling reputation. I have worked with countless top South African jazz musicians, with my most recent highlight being commissioned to capture the cover - art imagery for Ayanda Sikade's latest offering, Umakhulu. I also offer images to student musicians as part of their thesis.
2021, I was invited to document Zwelitsha Jazz Heritage Concert, hosted by Ilam in King Williams Town to celebrate and acknowledge the legendary Slo Foot Brothers, Retsi Pule, Mlungisi Gegana Quartet and Claude Gawe and The Sons Of River.
2022, In April, I was invited to capture the return of the legendary Feya Faku as he launched his 2 latest offerings Impilo and Live At The Birds Eye, as well as launching his songbook. I was also invited to capture the EC Jazz Tribute, at the Makhanda National Arts Festival which featured Feya Faku, Andile Yenana, Clement Benny, Phumlani Mtiti and Shane Cooper.
I have been invited to capture Jazz Against Apartheid which will feature both international and local jazz musicians such as Daniel Guggenheim (Frankfurt), Claude Deppa (London), Allen Jacobsen (Canada) Lex Futshane, Sisonke Xonti, Chester Summerton, Sakhile Simani, NeAhytah Israel and Sakhi Nompozolo,Siphokazi Ngxokolo, Thomas Akuru Dyani and Retsi Pule.
I have passion for childhood development by engaging them in activities such as dancing, painting, photography and physical movement and embodiment exercise.
I was a part of an NGO called FACCH in Gqeberha which helped children through artistic activities such as painting, and whilst with the organisation, facilitated talks between the NGO and local artists to encourage merging and understanding of the importance of imagery in the music industry.
A member of an international initiative called Women In Jazz Media whose mandate it is to acknowledge and celebrate female photographers globally.
A notable moment in my career was receiving the invitation to capture the Imbokodo Music and Art Fair in Johannesburg - an inititative hosted and presented by 4Ever Jazz. As well as Jazz Queens Concert, celebrating women in jazz in South Africa.
to capture in Gqeberha the Mandela Bay Arts Festival which consisted of theatre, poetry,
I was also invited
musical events as well as the closing jazz offering by Phumlani Mtiti and the Raf Collective, an
ensemble led by drummer, composer and educator Zolani Rafuza.
Currently leading a research project for Loveseed Foundation. An establishment that was endorsed by the National Heritage Council for the call to heal and mend the youth in the arts. Embracing Africanism In Song seeks to preserve the heritage of African music and its roots.
The driving force for the research included Soul Jazz Men. A band that was formed in Gqeberha in the 60’s. Many historical jazz giants have been linked to this band. Such as - Duku Makasi, Dudu Pukwana, Patrick Pasha, Bra Tete Mbambisa, Nik Moyake and these band members would be linked to other jazz giants like Bra Barney Rachabane, Bra Hugh Masekela andBra Winston Ngozi Mankunku.
Under Pokwana Pictures, I am a documentary producer that recently covered the historical Queenstown as Little Jazz Town. Following the life of a current jazz maestro, bassist Mlungisi Gegana. Uncovering the history of legends that are from that town, such as The Matshikiza family, Margaret Singana, born Margaret Mcingana, known for her Xhosa song “Hamba Bhekile” and many others.
As a contemporary photographer, I concentrate on street photography to turn things that ordinarily bore people into interesting tales by my instrument. A recent highlight was being invited as part of a group to exhibit Power Talks Gqeberha, an event hosted and funded by Goethe Institute. POWERLINES touched on the matter of loadshedding, cable theft and the burning issue of housing in South Africa. Primarily highlighting the Electricity (or there lack off) and Internet as two fundamental points of communication, globally. The ideology was to point that electricity and internet was the only way to transfer and access embodied knowledge – and allows the other knowledge to be known and heard, bridging the gap between developed and under-developed countries.
We don’t just sit around and hope that things will work out. We have a role to play to make that come about. That to me is the reason of the existence of a photographer. To help re- construct my soul I started travelling the garden of music through inspiration. It is a large garden of magic and purity. This is my own way to happiness. Where I find peace and calm, where I connect to meaning. I saw light and in return there were sparkles that glow with the light of the love all round. It is sincerely through the nobility and pureness of this sound that I have come to appreciate the life of live music and much appreciation to the education that comes with it too.
It is possible that we; who listen hear something timeless from those who are the descendants of the teachings and disciples of learning and sharing. As a photographer, the no sound without silent sentiment, like watching Bra Feya Faku on his horn, the most quiet nerve is kept awake by the distinct melodies and techniques. The insistent and engrossing obsession grows intensely with sound and rhythm. The fetish acquires a reputation of an addict, to which sound is the only cure.

The naked truth is that the willingness is so irresistible that it passes through immoveable objects. It is the truth of a desire for a refined and impassioned portrait of the presence and the power and pain through music and the camera.
If you take any activity, any part, any discipline, any skill - push it beyond all measures, to the wildest edges of edges, It is then you are force into the realm of magic; and I realised being delighted at the prospect of a new day, a fresh try, one more start, with perhaps a bit of magic waiting somewhere on stage, to capture the sounds, the emotion; And just as fundamental, the importance in the question of an early autopsy, So shall it be that the sound of jazz and appetite live on.

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After the inaugural Jazz Against Apartheid in Berlin 1986. Juergen Leinhos and his organisation Kultur im Ghetto continue the event building on the SA exiles and growing the movement to progressive European musicians. The JAA Archive of this era is a complete archive of 25 years of exile history.

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